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Question Newbie question: XFX 8800gt XXX vs. eVGA 8800gt

Hey All,

I know the forums are rife with comparison questions but anyone who can help me out is greatly appreciated.

I'm trying to figure out between XFX 8800gt XXX ($195, 8800gt card overclocked to 670MHz) vs an eVGA 8800gt ($180-$20 rebate=$160, stock card at 600MHz). My question is this: I'm happy going with the 8800gt card but I have no experience with the overclocking or either company. Is XFX a good name AND is it worth an extra $35 (after rebate) for the 670MhZ overclocking? I'm looking for a good solid card that will carry me through the next couple of years...

Thanks to everyone for responding.

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