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This had to be stickied, this is the best and simplest guide I've seen anywhere. Its kept short and very easy to understand. Great Job Mibs, I am currently planning on doing a setup and it really answered alot of questions, thanks alot .

Just one question, you said Machine screws are useless to mount fans to a rad, now was that meant for the Thermochill rad or for any rad out there. Reason I ask is because I have a Black Ice Pro 2, and I had lost the screws of it, I got suggestions to go to any hardware store and get the 6-32 1-1/4" screws, all Home Depot had in that size were machine screws, that is why I wonder.

Sorry last one, I've seen this many places, what does "Self Tapping Screws" really mean.. Sorry for the dumb one
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