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I guess that's one of the nice things about my Asus board. Overclocking can be done in Windows. So while I'm stressing out the system, I can change the multiplier and voltage until I start encountering errors and whatnot.

Is there something MSI offers in that department?

Oh, I was under the impression you already bought your system. But here's some input:

I would save about $40-60 on the PSU and get a 550w or even 450w. Your system will barely hit over 250w.
Use the extra dough towards a gtx 780 or upgrade the hard-drive to 2TB or 3TB depending on your needs.
If you need redundancy, perhaps go for 2x1TB in RAID1 if you don't already have a backup solution. ~$60 is a hell of a lot cheaper than losing data.
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