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Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
Ditto on the motherboard, maybe look at the GD45 and a 550W version of the PSU will be plenty for that build with a decent OC

Is that the MSI 770 lightning? Unless you really are into playing about with the voltage read points and the like it really isn't worth the $50 premium over the standard one. (to me at least)

You could scrape and save here and there and yes the cpu's are being charged a bit of a premium for, your shout as to if it's worth it vs ivy or even sandy.

All in all though it's a very nice build.. your shout if you want to spend on the extras or not but you can save some and have a machine that will be almost indistinguishable in performance outside of benchmarks.

Whatever you decide to do (go with what you've got or cut back some) you should be VERY happy with it.
Well one of my biggest issues with the gpu was I didn't know any better.. And MSI seems like a trust brand so I went with it. Also I'm having an internal struggle on oc'ing.. I am was super hesitant on building my own pc.. and when I get it put together.. I don't know if I will even be interested in overclocking. If it runs my games on the highest setting smoothly.. I probably won't even think about overclocking.. thoughts guys? I guess my thoughts were the difference in the cpu was only about 20-30 dollars I think.. so to have the ability to oc if I want to is appealing but I'm a college student so.. saving money is also appealing.
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