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Originally Posted by Bond007 View Post
Looks very solid. You won't regret it if you build as is. 2 points. From what I have read the 144hz monitor doesn't offer any benefit from a 120hz, so if you can find a comparable model that is 120hz for less I would swap. 2nd is that while haswell is better, I don't think it justifies its price premium. I am hoping the price will come down once its out for a bit... Your call if its worth the money to you.
Yea the monitor was recommended to me but I will continue to search! Also I've been waiting for about 4 weeks to build and am very excited since it is my first build so I'm not sure if I could wait much longer. I have looked at Ivy and it may save me a few bucks but I feel like the newer chip is better.. and just not sure if I can wait much longer to get the build going.
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