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My System Specs


Have to say that I game perfectly well on my U2713hm.. I would probably go for a 120/144hz screen if I played more FPS games like I used to but then I also use my computer for media, browsing, lil bit of editing etc so the IPS is a better fit for me.

If I had the funds I would be tempted to go for 1 of each.. Games where ghosting is an issue go for the 120hz, otherwise the IPS high-res and have whatever one isn't being used for the games as a desktop screen on the side.
Would require a huge desk and possibly fiddling with profiles so that you could easily switch between which as your primary display (many games will chose the primary without option to change) and possibly mounting the monitors on swing-arms so that you can move them to be directly in front of you while playing.. but hey, you bought a Titan for eve and world of tanks. :P
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