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My System Specs


Originally Posted by GEAR View Post
Great lookin' set up hero. I recently went from a HAF 932 to a Caselabs SM8 and couldn't be happier. Yes, they are expensive but its the last case I'll ever need with the add ons from Caselabs. I too deal with Daz...great guy and great service up here in Canukada. I first went with his XSPC kit and have upgraded since then, still the same blocks but pump and res upgrades along with some modding. If you want to change tubing size then you must change fittings as well. I run 3/8ID x 5/8OD and from what I've read and heard the diff in temps is very little...some guys just prefer a "heftier" tubing. The selection of fittings also changes as the bigger size are more popular. There are a few doods on Daz's forum that have de lidded and used MX, gdesmo for one. Good luck with the rest of your build man. Hope you don't mind if I throw up a pic my set up.
Thanks Gear. I have been contemplating the SM8 for a while but I will also need to get rid of my current case to offset the costs seeing that I have just shelled out $1350 in the last 4 days (EKWB H30 Kit 240 and eVGA GTX 780 Hydro Copper 980/1033 on the way). I will keep the tubing since there's no difference in cooling at all and maybe add another pump for redundancy. I would have bought bigger fittings too but Daz also told me the same thing, that is the cooling difference is negligible. I will post more pictures when I get the card.

The reason I want the NZXT H630 is so that I can use the current rad at the bottom and 360 rad at the top and have the front as intake. I wouldn't mind have the front mounted rad on the NZXT H630 but their design to accommodate the 200mm fans means the space left around the rad once mounted will cause the hot air to come right back into the case. So I will either have to block it our somehow or just use the front as intake.

I like your system. Nice colours and what a monster you got up there.
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