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My System Specs


Originally Posted by crazyea View Post
What is your 3570k clocked at? Also what did you do, just throw your cpu block on top of the cpu after taking the stock heatsink off without redoing the paste?
You really are crazy. I redid the paste and it is clocked at 4.4 GHz atm. I want it to be running at this speed or 4.6 GHz all the time. When I did stress test it was good at 51 degrees and stayed there. That was average for the CPU as a whole and the maximu it ever hit was 63 degrees Celsius. I think it is good enough but I know I can get better cooling than this. So de-lid it or what? I use MX-4 paste.

I also have a question regarding the tubing. The one I got has Inner diameter of 3/8" and outer diameter of 1/2". I want to upgrade to 1/2" ID and 3/4"OD. Will this be ok with the fittings or will it be loose?

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