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My System Specs


Originally Posted by hero1 View Post
I know what you are saying bud but my rad is too think to fit at the top. I can have the fans reversed so they bring air in but then I am dealing with tons of hot air and no cool air for the GPU. I currently have the top and the back fans as the intake and exhausting through the front.

EDIT: After I took back the card and ordered the GTX 780 Hydro Copper, I decided to take your advice and change the configuration. I now have the 2xNoctua 14mm fans up front for intake and the other 2x120 noctuas for pull (so push with 140 pull with 120 since I don't have screw that can fit through the rad holes to mount my Scyther GT 1850RPM). I blocked the top vents and reversed the 140mm Phanteks fan into exhaust fan. I am exploring ways to mount the pump and res somewhere else so I can add a 140mm at the bottom for intake or just block it off. I ran Aida64Extreme and my CPU averaged about 51 Celsius with minimum of 30 and max of 60 degrees Celsius even though some of the cores did hit 75 degrees for a second or 2. Maybe I should just de-lid the CPU and use MX-4 instead of the cheap Intel thermal compound for better temps!
What is your 3570k clocked at? Also what did you do, just throw your cpu block on top of the cpu after taking the stock heatsink off without redoing the paste?
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