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Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
Creating your own pump was a major undertaking - I applaude the fact that you actually tried. But sponsorship? That's new...

As for Dow, I taught that we found some -85C silicones...
Thanks !

I wanna make that pump work now just because....hehe

The sponsorship isnt new.

Just right computers of calgary has supplied a brand new mobo (the p5k-se) and has agreed to buy the video card , and anything else computer related I need.(Thx Rob!!!)

My Boss , has payed for all metal work that I get done at our fabricators.
-He's agreed to help out even more.(Thx mang !!!) , so If I can't make my pump work , I can just buy what I need.


The guy @ Dow I am talking to , says that -80c rating is short term only.


Now for the bad news.

It's looking more and more that I have no choice but to spend the 1500$ on the best material for the job , RTV511 , from momentive performance materials.It really is what I need , and well , I'm pretty sure I'll have enough !!!

It's gonna take some time to raise new sponsors for this.....I sure can't afford it by myself.
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