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My System Specs


Have you looked through the home brew PC Router thread? If you have a lot of strange people bringing strange computers to your LAN I would certainly like to have more control over the network to block and DMZ unwanted activity. The bigger distributions like Astaro offer all kinds of in line anti-virus, VPN, and what not. You can also set up the WiFi on a captive portal to improve security. If you have a spare old comp you can re-purpose it might be a fun project and would probably win you some geek points, too.

DD-WRT is good and also has a lot of great features. OpenWRT is a competitor that was lagging behind DD-WRT the last time I checked. They are well worth checking out if you get a compatible router. If you do not like it (and do not end up with a brick) you can always re-flash back to the vendor firmware.
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