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Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
Really with the price of even a tiny boot SSD, if someone doesn't have one these days they are probably not going to spent $200 on a HDD or are buying a pre-built system and have no choice anyway.

If this was a more main-stream part I would 100% agree. That said, it would then cause variations between main-stream and high-end HDD's.

Not saying your wrong that there should be some standard tests between the 2 but they are different parts and have to be tested the way they are supposed to be used.

But to use the car analogy it's like doing this: Ascari A10 - Video
SSDs are still to pricey and volatile for a lot of people especially the non-techy people. They want something reliable and frankly a lot of the SSDs out there still have too many issues.

Only reason I'm running an SSD is it was used and cheap and a good brand.
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