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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
Really with the price of even a tiny boot SSD, if someone doesn't have one these days they are probably not going to spent $200 on a HDD or are buying a pre-built system and have no choice anyway.

If this was a more main-stream part I would 100% agree. That said, it would then cause variations between main-stream and high-end HDD's.

Not saying your wrong that there should be some standard tests between the 2 but they are different parts and have to be tested the way they are supposed to be used.

But to use the car analogy it's like doing this: Ascari A10 - Video
Here is the way I look at it, and only because I work in the technology industry at the core level.
Cookie cutter PC's and Lappys and the likes of servers are still all physical platter HDD's.
For me, in the industry, seeing how this drive performs all tasks is crucial. We are still a ways away before I'll vote for SSD's as being mainstream. Don't get me wrong, with their costs you can get a Chronos 120 for sub $100 on MIR and be laughing all the way home on boot times.
But the Enthusiast PC market is still a trickle in a big ocean when it comes to products like these.

Overall, the review was great and something to make mention of when I am working on configs.


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