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Question Last point/question, I promise

Originally Posted by av3n View Post
Anyone purchasing this would be using it as a storage drive anyways (right?) so I think the boot time tests are moot :P
I do understand that it's like drag races for tractor-trailers (thought they have them too); for consistency and comparative evaluation purposes, it is nice to have those charts, nevertheless.
Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Actually for SSD reviews...I do BOTH Vista and Win7 testing (IMHO its not needed for HDDs, only worst case scenario is needed). I also include a very fast HDD in the SSD charts....its always at the you may have missed it. :P
No, did not miss it, WD 150GB VR, which is good.

Last point/question, I promise. Now if that same drive was in the HDD test charts (as is in the SSD charts) than to extrapolate comparative times between HDD to SSD would easier, in my opinion. Or can I treat the WD 1TB VR (in the HDD charts) as a 'same-ish' drive, relative to the WD 150GB VR? Thanks in advance.
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