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My System Specs


Originally Posted by av3n View Post
Ah I see. Please post some pics of your WC setup when it's all assembled

Didn't the 7970 originally release at $550? Sure it's $100 but that was 2 years ago.. AMD doesn't have an answer this time around for the 780 so I'm not really surprised at the price but it could have been worse.
I will post the pics for watercooling setup. Will only be for the CPU as my case can only hold so much. I will sell this case and pick up the NZXT H630 or mod the top and put a 360 from Watercooll and another 240 up front.

HT Fusion Triple - Watercool Store

This is how I see it. You pay for what you want. Heck, I paid $1200 couple of months ago for the Titan and I was like,hmm SLI? Then I thought better to way for this one to come out and SLI it. so in the end I only add $200 more to the price of 1 Titan to get 2xGTX 780 and I can save the other 1000 that I would have spent on the Titan for watercooling my SLI and whole system and still have money for the next X89 that will replace the x79 platform. Spend if you can.

Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
Paid $460 way back when for my AGP Evga 6800GT
What do you think about the rad that I might pick up and mod my case to make it fit then add 240 of the same king up front for CPU. I decided to cancel my watercooling kit order to explore more options. I am open to suggestions!

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