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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Aplytos View Post
you do realize that this kind of $ especially in the last few years are hard to come by right?
most ppl now get what? 1000$ salary?

i consider myself somewhat higher than the average joe and i upgrade every 2 gens of gfx so about 3 years and i have done so since 2000, i can tell you that i cant keep up with the upgrades anymore. i used to buy the fastest around now i get the 2nd tier of hardware.

some ppl are out of touch with reality or very lucky.

....or have a career and work very very hard

no you are wrong high end used to be affordable

geforce 256 ~250$
geforce 2 ~350$
geforce 3 ~350$
geforce 4 ~350$
9700pro ~400$
6800 ultra ~500$ <--- Boom this is where it all started..

i remember the ultra was nowhere to be found in stores ppl got the gt in volumes the ultra was just there for the performance crown very few were sold.

i dont get though why they cost so much. sure they need to spend a lot on R&D and stuff but cmon this is plain greed
Paid $460 way back when for my AGP Evga 6800GT

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