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Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
Hey, from an "enthusiasts" perspective the Titan IS ridiculously over-oriced at around $2200 for an SLi brainer!

To pick-up a couple of 780's for around $1400, considering the performance level of these, is not bad at all. I dont fvck around trying every combination of Drivers to get my Multi Card solutions to work optimally.

Hhhhmmm what did I pay in the past for top end nv GPU's, pretty goddamn close to $500 ea and for Classy's more like $590'ish, so again, given the price and performance of a Titan, for these Cards to come in at under $700 is not bad at all, hell, they could charge $800 each and folks will still buy em.

you do realize that this kind of $ especially in the last few years are hard to come by right?
most ppl now get what? 1000$ salary?

i consider myself somewhat higher than the average joe and i upgrade every 2 gens of gfx so about 3 years and i have done so since 2000, i can tell you that i cant keep up with the upgrades anymore. i used to buy the fastest around now i get the 2nd tier of hardware.

some ppl are out of touch with reality or very lucky.

Originally Posted by Sushi Warrior View Post
Yeah, high end has always cost this much. It's just the amount of whining going on over pricing and the ensuing blame being thrown at AMD. Again, it could be worse than $650. It doesn't mean that $650 is AWESOME just because the Titan cost a ton more.
no you are wrong high end used to be affordable

geforce 256 ~250$
geforce 2 ~350$
geforce 3 ~350$
geforce 4 ~350$
9700pro ~400$
6800 ultra ~500$ <--- Boom this is where it all started..

i remember the ultra was nowhere to be found in stores ppl got the gt in volumes the ultra was just there for the performance crown very few were sold.

i dont get though why they cost so much. sure they need to spend a lot on R&D and stuff but cmon this is plain greed
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