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My System Specs


Originally Posted by trayton View Post
I recently got a 3960X and need to see what it can do :) Running at stock right now.
Get $1100 3960X at "stock" is just plain "wrong"

What type of cooling? From everything I've read the k and x Series are pretty much neck n neck as far OC'ability, other wise I would have considered diving into another Extreme Chip, unlike my old 920 vs 980x which allowed unlocked Mult vs strictly BCLK adjustments.

Guess we'll see soon 4930k and 4960X, better IMC and Native PCI-E 3.0 Support.

As long as your happy that is all that matters, like I've said before, unless your Benchmarking for higher scores or running Multi Monitors your likely not going to see gains going from 4.2 Ghz - 4.7 Ghz (especially if you enable V Synch).

I know running some Benches, my 680's improved big time going from 980X at 4.2 Ghz to X79 3930K @ 4.7 Ghz, but I kinda figured this, this Monster GPU's love high CPU Clocks.

Firestrike Extreme: 21.452
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Introducing me n my OCD to Watercooling, is like taking an Alcoholic to an "all you can drink" Beach Bar in Mexico

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