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My System Specs


Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
It's certainly not about "bragging rights".....maybe if I was 19 yrs old ;) For me it's all about dumping some coin on some very cool HW that is designed to be "pushed" and see what kind of "push" I can get out if it, I actually find that more entertaining than gaming, gaming is the Secondary fun.

If all you want is smooth quiet gameplay a Stock 3770k is likely "adequate" ;)

Think of it as having a Ferrari that only ever goes 60 mph ;)

Anyhoo, the Noctua NF Fans replaced the stock Corsair fans that came with H100i and the entire Rig is surprisingly quiet for 4.7 Ghz, if it seems too loud.....turn up the volume while your gaming!!!

Eldonko, that is an awesome OC, 5.0 Ghz would be sweet, unfortunately I think 4.8 Ghz will be top end for the H100i !
I didn't mean you as a bragger. I was talking about myself. If I were to configure a high overclock,and have no issues,I for sure would be bragging about it. With the set up you have,and what you've done with it,you have every right to "brag". I do enjoy smooth quiet gaming,but the 3770 wasn't adequate enough for me. Your comments and suggestions were the ones that convinced me to go with X79 and the 3930K. I'm glad I read all your info,and I thank you.. I have smooth and quiet,AND, the Titans can now do everything they were designed to do. Thanks again.
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