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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
Probably be comparable performance with much reduced heat, noise & power.. At least in non memory limited situation, in which case the 780 would leap ahead.. Should also be smoother.

Selling your 2 580's would get you?? $300 -400? thats not too bad to pay the difference for one of these with the pro's it would bring.
Well the thing is about selling my 580's, I was actually thinking of putting one into my sons machine (not sure) and then another one into a machine I have at work for gaming during lunch and such.

Couple more questions, As I remembered now, my board is of course still PCI-E 2, and will only do full 16x speed when one card is in, it goes down to 8x/8x for sli situations. Are we at the point now where that drop to 8x would affect the performance if I had 2 of these 780's in there?

Also one last question, any thoughts on the Evga ACX cooler?
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