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Originally Posted by JD View Post
I don't think Windows Phone will ever improve as far as app development goes. It's simply not a dominant platform and I don't think it ever will be. iOS and Android own the mobile market and most likely always will. If anything, Android will take over and be the only dominant OS.

If Nokia put Android on the Lumia 920, I would seriously consider it. The amazing camera quality that Nokia delivers is something Android sorely lacks.

As far as smoothness goes, with current hardware and Android 4.2 that included "Project Butter", Android is very smooth now too. No visible lag on my Nexus 4.
I agree. But to be honest, I never thought Android would become a dominant platform. I'm talking way back in 3GS and 4 days though, when Android wasn't all that popular yet. I always told myself "Why would I switch to Android? The store will never be as good as the App Store." Look at it now . I guess anything can happen.
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