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My System Specs


as far as installation, there's really not much difference anymore. Ati however I've found easier in recent months.

The problem I have with Nvidia's drivers lately, is they still don't support KMs (kernel mode setting), and KMS is fantastic when your working from a text console. There are other slight advantages in terms of performance, but generally KMS just makes some things easier.

Nvidia is still doing some things the old way as far as configurations go and multimonitor support really needs to catch up.

If you have an older nvidia card supported, the nouveau drivers may do you quite well unless you're gaming. They are a decent opensource driver for nvidia cards, but they have no support from nvidia so support for newer cards fall behind. There's still power managment issues with Fermi based cards for example, though mostly everything else works

My main system runs linux using the nouveau drivers on an 8800GTS because nvidia's binary blob just makes the system feel slower overall, I don't game on it because I have a Windows machine for that. If I were to buy a new card for the linux system though, right now, it would be ATI, just because of better driver support and the fact they have better support for some of the newer technologies as far as the linux kernel goes

edit// just to provide a better description of KMS as I kinda vaguely mentioned it being preferred so here's a quote off the arch linux wiki

"The Linux kernel's implementation of KMS enables native resolution in the framebuffer and allows for instant console (tty) switching. KMS also enables newer technologies (such as DRI2) which will help reduce artifacts and increase 3D performance, even kernel space power-saving."

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