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My System Specs


I think that it is a misnomer about the drivers ( videocard) in linux usually it is people that are used to Windows that complain about the ATI drivers because they are used to the click to install .
Linux most everything is done manually the Nvidia drivers are not necessarily better they where just easier to install in Linux.
I was the same when I first started to used Linux years ago I had troubles left right and center when I tried to install the ATI proprietary drivers but it was just because of my inexperience with Linux. don't get me wrong I am by no means even decent with Linux because I game so often that I don't use Linux but that is the only reason why I don't use Linux to me I love Linux.
A sight that I used to always go for Linux and ATI was [Phoronix] Linux Hardware Reviews, Benchmarking, & Gaming I think that if you go there and check out some things that you will get allot of answers.

To be totally honest I am really considering going back to Linux just because I like the way it runs seems to be much faster then any windows I have ever used just have to get used to the terminal and also Open source software which is just as good and sometimes even better then non open source Software.
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