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My System Specs

Default recommend me an 8 port wifi router?

title says it all. i need an 8 port router. i have been avoiding wifi (im stubborn) but if im going to buy a new router it might as well have wifi in case i ever change my mind about it =) the main thing im looking for is 8 physical ports and a good build.

i have an unreasonable brand-hate for linksys stuff (the only router i have seen die, and i have seen 3 or 4 of them die now), and i like netgear so far (6 year old netgear router still going strong)...i also really like sonicwall (after working with one in a corp setting) but they look like they are all pretty expensive for joe sixpack. i also wouldnt mind checking out some of those custom firmwares like dd-wrt, but thats not super important i dont think (anyone tried it? maybe i do need it? lol).

i used to work in networking, so i know what im looking for, but i am totally out of touch with the hardware after a few years of doing graphics and not going to try to spend some time researching when i get home from work, but some starting points would be much appreciated.

oh, my current setup is an old netgear router and a netgear hub. we have 3 pcs, an old xbox and a minimum of 2 360s (but need room for a few more as my place is lan central station).

thanks for any input folks
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