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Originally Posted by clshades View Post

I'd move the flow rate thing to the line going to the rad on the top. (orange circle with the X)
Green line goes back from the vid to the bayresi-pump.
Drain out the bottom of your vid card it's the lowest spot anyway.
I'm not a fan of the fitting created F-splitter on the bottom......any of this it's your own creation bud! Just my thoughts.

I do love the white against the black... looks awesome!
Thanks for loving it buddy, the reason I put the flow-meter after the last part in the loop, is (and dont quote me here) because I think if something is affecting the flow then it would show it, rather than putting it right after the pump pushing the flow.

Im considering changing the loop anyway (I do believe I can make it look better) and cant decide if I should just get the flow meter out of the loop completely or leave it.

EDIT: had to edit the wall :/
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