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My System Specs


Lowfat, is right, ZFS caching makes cache on the card pretty redundant since i'm not relying on the controllers own raid function. and with SSD log/cache drives plus ARC, no amount of memory on a controller is going to make a difference

Also, Thanks lowfat for the suggestion on the Dell card, it will do the trick and save me a few bucks. I'll likely end up flashing it with teh 9211 firmware, but it's a good bit cheaper than what I was looking at

The reason I can't fit the ibm m1015 is most definitely because the side facing connectors, i'm using a chenbro rm21706 chassy with low profile cards and not a riser so the cables come straight up they go too high to put the cover on. there really isn't much room for more flexible cables either. but if i get a card like the dell h310 with the way the ports are aligned, cables will still run through the case nicely, and I can use slightly shorter cables too

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