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My System Specs

Default raid controller

I'm looking for suggestions on a raid controller, looking for something not too expensive as the card itself will not be managing the raid

I'm running a solaris file server, in a virtual machine on a VMware ESXi 5.1 host.

currently the server is on a supermicro x8dt3-f with a pair of Xeon 5570's

I've been passing through the onboard LSI 1068E controller to the solaris VM, but it doesn't support 3TB drives and I need to grow my raid array.

I have an IBM M1015 card, but the issue with it is I can't close the cover on the 2u chassis with that card so it will be going in my other sun server as planned.

Currently I'm considering two options, first is the Adaptec 6805E, second is the LSI 9211

I'm leaning toward the LSI card because I know I'll have no issues putting it in IT mode to let zfs handle the raid functions more so than because it's a pci-e 8x card. Considering a 4x pci-e 2.0 slot should push 2gb/s, i don't think the bus bandwidth would make a difference in performance with only 6 hard drives and data being passed over gigabit lan

just wondering if anyone has any additional thoughts before I pull the trigger
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