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Originally Posted by Generic User #2 View Post
seems to me the enjoyment of games is VERY very heavily related to how long your attention span is.

very ADD-types tend to vastly enjoy FPS games more, RTS are a middle of the line, and RPGs/TBS are for people who REALLY like 'math'* or people with alot of downtime and need to be entertained somehow.

this is all based on people I know in real life; what is everyone elses' experiences?

*the amount of work calculations involved in optimizing tech trees is MUCH, MUCH greater than the amount of effort in optimizing build orders for SC2.

I gotta say I completely agree with you. Not sure of all the other rts games but SC2 kind of caters to the ADD thing. You stay VERY busy mentally and physically in online matches of sc2 but in general I think you hit the nail on the head there.
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