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Originally Posted by Infiniti View Post
Hmm.. I don't understand what your trying to say.. but Chos3n is right, if you use the towel trick, it will work.. for a day or two. My RRoD came back in 20 min.

EDIT: Is walmart really that.. umm.. stupid? From what I read, your saying that I can return my Ipod and get a refund for it? Because I really want to sell it. (BTW, I bought it at the Apple store in Vegas.)
Unfortunatly, they return it every Wal-Mart in Canada only. But again, if you press you could get it saying that you are a tourist...etc . But Apple released a new policy (for Wal-Mart Only) for their iPods, they are final sales, and can only be exchanged at Apple. Again, if you press them saying no one explained you this and that policy isn't written anywhere.

If you bought it in an Apple store, it will be hard to return it... you will need to really press on them and make the store manager angry at you and he will say fine! Like I said, I saw it in front of my eyes, but will it work elsewhere? That need to be tested
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