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Originally Posted by Masteroderus View Post
What if raid 0 SSD array was not possible (like on amd motherboards due to no trim), then would a ramdrive combined with a single sata3 ssd have any function in gaming?

Or would the single SSD be more than enough?
Most people probably will not notice a big difference between a single SSD and a RAID 0 setup. I notice it when I am working but I doubt there is a massive difference in games. You are already moving files quick enough in most cases to make it seem almost instant. I have 7 Drives in RAID 0, I notice day to day stuff between my machine and other peoples, that being said my wife's machine is RAID 0 with 2 disks and I cant tell the difference between it and a single SSD(Next time around she will just get a single SSD).
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