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Well, coz im like 35, and i bought a 360 system. And im my younger days, it was UNETHICAL to sell peices of junk like that. But times have chaged in the last 15 years. So here I am, yanking frekin stickers, or modding my 360 coz NO ONE, and I mean NO store manager will refund or exchange anymore. THey are spending all day on the pone with microshaft over broken down dvd players, or over heating issues. So, I took it in my own hands. IT is basically a really cheap CPU, MOBO, and player. Oh yea, and a crummy ATI card. So there, find out the hardware, and assess if its turned into a door stopper, or fix it yourselves, like your PC, and if your PC is anything like mine, its like 7X more expensive LooL. And I fix it no probs.
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