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My System Specs


Originally Posted by dRnRcR View Post
So you're saying the BIOS took out the board? What were you overclocked at and what was your Vcore at if you don't mind me asking. I'm always hesitant when a new BIOS comes out. I run mine 4.5 and 1.25 Vcore.

When I disassembled the loop and took all my blocks off to send for RMA I noticed that the smoked VRM was lower than the rest so was making almost no contact with the thermal tape and therefore the block. Still odd that it held out until I swapped BIOS. I was running 4.8Ghz and if memory serves me right I had 1.38Vcore.

The worst part of the story was when they received my RMA the sent me an email on a Thursday night stating the board was not repairable and that they had no stock for replacement. The email then stated that I would be "upgraded" to the Maximus IV Extreme by default if I did not respond by Friday afternoon. Not really sure how you get upgraded to a two year old chipset that doesn't even support your $600 processor that you now have sitting on your desk waiting for a replacement mobo. And then to give a guy less than 24 hours to respond. Also they would not acknowledge that they infact got my refusal of their garbage replacement, so I got to wait for a few weeks and see if I got garbage back. In the end I got a new RIVE back, but talk about messing with a guy hard before giving him exactly what he wanted.

All of my RMA's have been absolute nail biters until the very end, with silly back and forth for weeks, just for it to work out how it should. Makes a guy wonder, why not save all the buggery???
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