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Sorry for bringing back this slightly necro'd thread, but I think use-case is an important way to look at things too.

Being a bit of a utilitarian I've never been a "vendor" guy. I may prefer AMD nowadays due to their Canadian connection with ATI, but that is more of a patriotic thing. I think there are innovations going on with both companies, though I'd say for gaming enthusiasts Intel has the edge right now due to higher IPC and performance per thread on the desktop CPU side of things.

For virtualization I love the FX-8320/8350 chips because they run fast enough in general PC usage and, with the 990fx chipset have full VT extensions and an IOMMU, as well as allowing some overclocking (though heat limited). There are also the Opteron 62xx/63xx chips for 16-core super virtualization on a single CPU for ultra-cheap (comparatively).

For Intel I've been a bit underwhelmed by SB and IB while loving SB-E. I had to de-lid my 3770K to get it to high overclocks and manage heat, while my i7 3820 is humming along at nearly the same speed (4.85 versus 4.9 on IB) and doesn't go past 75 celsius on cores, which I think is great. Also going to 3930K you get a current upgrade path, like we did from Nehalem to Gulftown on original i7 LGA1366.

For folding@home, AMD all the way. The Opterons may consume more power, but with a bit of overclocking on select Supermicro mobos (thanks to a guy named Tear) they can become Point per Watt kings. If I want an economical folding@home rig, the Xeon E5-2650 or 2680 are great for a dual-CPU folding@home or virtualizaton monsters, and are also pretty thrifty on power but basically un-overclockable. My e5-2650 rig is only 275 watts with BOTH CPUs at full load, and the E5-2680 is around 100W more with both CPUs folding and utilized at 100%.

I also think for HTPC if I want to game a little bit without a discreet card the AMD APUs are great at this time, as well as the performance that can be improved from OC and higher RAM speeds on the IGP side of things.

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