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Default iphone 4 front assembly

Hi all

Not sure if this is the right spot for this or not, but here I go.

My daughter dropped her iphone 4, (appears to be just a plain jane iphone 4 not an S or G model, although I could be wrong) and destroyed the front assembly. The LCD itself seems to have no issues, but the glass and front panel are mangled. She said she dropped it, to me it looks like it went 3 min of ground and pound from randy couture.

After some reading it came to my attention that LCD and the front assembly are glued together and cannot be seperated without damaging the LCD. Replacing the entire front assembly seems to be pretty straightforward, but I am a bit unsure I am ordering the right part.

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This is the one I was planning on ordering, was wondering if there was anyone here with a little more experiance repairing these to let me know if I am ordering the right part, or if it is possible to just replace the glass and cover while safely seperating the LCD.


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