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Originally Posted by Shadowmeph View Post
how would one like myself do this.
ZI guess I acan always use my duckduckgo search page to look lol

is that a mistype " ideo" was supposed to be video? if so I spent a few minutes searching before I rellized the mistake

That comment just made my morning. I got a very good lawl out of it.

Ya it is suppose to be video.

Mass Effect 2 - PC Tweak to improve load time - YouTube

Guess the links don't work for the files. Well you can do them yourself, you just need to rename the old movie files to something else. Then replace all the .bik movies w/ the shortest one. Takes a couple of minutes but loading can be like 5x faster.

This was posted by someone over at the Guru3d forums.

As odd as this may sound, the "loading" screen is just a prerendered .bik movie in your BioGame>Movies folder. Because of this, the game only loads when the .bik movie is finished playing, not when the game is actually loaded.

To fix this, simply go to your MassEffect2>BioGame>Movies folder, rename "load_f01" to "load_f01-bak", then copy "load_f99" and rename "load_f99 - Copy" to "load_f01". This should reduce your load time to about 3 seconds.
Use the load_f99 file and copy it to load_f01, load+_f02, load_f03, etc. Replace them all.
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