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Default Anyone use a RAM Disk? Is it worth it?

I've got excess RAM - 32 gb (in Win8, only 16 of which I can use in Win7 Home Premie).
I've been intrigued by the idea of a RAM Disk.
In reading posts referencing RAM Disk I get mixed messages that with an SSD there ain't a lot to be gained by configuring a RAM Disk. I also read scratch disks can be useful (I use Adobe Elements so not sure if it would help?).

I also see a range of products on the market, AMD offers up to 4 GB of free RAMdisk utility (not too costly to download the full version if it was a great system booster) There are freeware programs that allow for more than 4 GB. I could easily use 16 and maybe as much as 24 GB in Win8 and maybe up to 8 (??) in Win7.

Could I for example put my X-Plane files onto the RAM disk and see a big performance boost?

Does anyone actually use a RAM Disk? Is it worth the effort to learn how and use it?

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