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Default 'DVR' for watching Twitch streams

With my telus optic box, whenever I watch live TV, I get the option to rewind and pause. My question is: How do I get the exact same functionality when watching twitch streams? There are usually very many boring parts of the stream where I switch to another tab and doodle. Every once in awhile, I'll hear screams of excitement and jump back to twtich tab, but at that point, the excitement is over and I just go back to my 'downtime' content.

I want to be able to rewind at I catch the tailend of the highlight moment, watch it semi-live, and then continue playing back at normal speeds (of course I would be behind the lvie stream by however many seconds, but that's okay).

I'm thinking I would need something like an Hauppauge HD gamer edition, but does it do what I think it does? Can i actually 'rewind' as it's recording from the screen?

if there is a software equivalent, let me know, I have TONS of CPU and AMD GPU power leftover to use.
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