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Honestly there's something wrong with Starcraft 2. I played Warcraft 3 for over 1000 hours (I kid you not) but when it came to Starcraft 2... it was... boring... seriously I'm not sure why I think of it that way. When I played Warcraft 3 I played it for the great story and awesome custom maps people made. Starcraft 2 has an OK story but the awesome custom maps aren't there.

I'm guessing it's because, I was expecting it.. When I first played a custom map in Warcraft 3 (I was 13 years old) my mind just blew.... the very first custom map I played was God's Land and AoS, i mean the map was completely different from the original Warcraft 3 Melee maps. So whenever I go on Warcraft 3 I simply jump into the Custom Maps section and see if there's anything that interests me. Then when the Frozen Throne came out and people figured out how to import models... it became even more awesome, some even became mini-mods. I stopped playing Warcraft 3 in 2011 because I had enough of the DOTA bs that spammed across the list, the host bots take the fun out of the game (bots that host a game, no interaction or anything.)

I honestly hate DOTA it's the most stupidest thing ever... literally it's a game of going back and forth and major unbalance (well in the early days anyway.)

So I try to find another RTS game that I'll like to play, so far I'm playing Company of Heroes and Dawn of War: Dark Crusade and DoW2: Retribution. (For the Greater Good!)

Company of Heroes kept me coming back for more, because at how great the game looks even after 7 years, the special powers (Calling a V-1 rocket is so satisfying) the vehicle and cover systems (although I question sometimes how they misfire a lot) . It's as if it never aged, I remember almost every PC when the game came out can't even put this game on High settings.

Dawn of War is simply because I'm a Warhammer and 40k nut :P Relic did the 40k license perfectly, the story is great (until Dark Crusade and Soulstorm's RISK like campaign) the units look great, the only complaint is the online service (It uses Gamespy) they're some custom maps but they don't have a P2P connection so you have to actually download it off a website.

My favorite type of RTS is the base building type, so Warcraft 3, Dawn of War, Company of Heroes, Universe at War etc...
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