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My System Specs


Originally Posted by waynold78 View Post
Please for the love of god, do not get the nexus!!! look at the specs of it, Its non lte based phone, AND no upgradeable memory!! HORRIBLE!!!
You are way better off with the S2x(727r)
Uh... what?

Originally Posted by tangrisser View Post
I've tried LTE and non-LTE phone. I can feel that LTE is faster but I'm usually within a distance of Wifi network and if I am not then chances of me needing speed of LTE is minimal. Dare I say, I'm okay with slow internet? (Although it's a totally different story when it comes to an actual landline.)

Upgradeable memory isn't a deal breaker for me. I have about 14GB available to me on GS II and I have about 12.5GB left. Granted I have two phones and I have music on my iPhone but even if I moved the music and downloaded same/similar apps to Android. I don't think I'll exceed 6GB total.

I'm actually more concerned about physical size and the battery life. Even Nexus 4 creeps to almost 5 inches and it's just too damn big. I really like the size of Galaxy S2 and I do have big hands (and awfully stubby thumbs.) I think biggest I can stand carrying around is under 5 inches. Battery life on Galaxy S2, 727r in particular is awful especially once you install Google Now. For me, Google now is a killer app so it draining battery hurts the daily use of this phone.

Anyways back to original conversation of Galaxy S4. I really hope Samsung's BigLittle CPU can save battery though it shouldn't be CPU trying to conserve battery, we should just have better battery technology. At least it's supposed to save battery life by optimizing performance. Probably will go to Nexus phone anyway just so I can have access to latest updates and not have to wait for carriers to provide the update.
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