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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
FLAC is overrated and so many people say its so much better and its not. You need a GOOD system to really hear the difference and $80 speakers with onboard won't cut it.
if you say so.... Im pretty sure the ALC 898 isnt that bad compared to some sound cards and i can definitely tell the difference.... and the z623 are $160 brand new not 80.....

i always love how some ppl try to FORCE their opinions on others and flat out say that others are wrong.

We were actually comparing Realtek ALC's over on TPU forums and the 898 is actually very good compared to lower/mid end sound cards. And if you can't tell the difference between 128kb/s mp3s and 800-900 kb/s FLAC encoded songs, something is wrong with your ears...
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