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I know these are above your stated price range, I bought them last summer, and they are worth every penny if you can manage them. I was patient and got them for 159 + taxes ... You could easily use these for a home media center system from your PC as well. They have a surprising amount of power and clarity. There are lots of reviews out there, all positive, and user reviews have these rated at the 90% range

An unboxing on these forums:
Unboxing the Corsair SP2500....

Hardwarecanucks doesn't have a review of these speakers yet, but there are lots around the web...

Corsair SP2500 review | Speakers Reviews | TechRadar

If you have the time before you buy yet, every now and then, google search 'Buy Corsair SP2500 canada'

The lowest price I found atm was at the store you posted, for 179.99 atm(that's a really good price for these) - most stores retail them at 250.00 +

In the lower price ranges, I have a friend that have used the Logitechs you listed, and they are pretty reasonable sounding speakers.

Happy hunting!
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