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Originally Posted by Babrbarossa View Post
what kind of fans do you on your rad, Pat?
These lovely ones : SCYTHE S-FLEX™ 120mm 1600 rpm Quiet Fan - Sleeved Products Model: SFF21F [SFF21F] :, ... sleeve it and they will come

Personally, i would recommend them over the Yate loons that everyone seem to love and recommend on XS forum. For Performance i mean. There 16$ and the Yates are 6$ so as for money ratio... the Yates are better

Originally Posted by francois methot View Post
So, it pulls cold air from the outside of the case. My case is on wheels so there is way enough air flow for the fans to pull cold air.

Nice setup!

OK, it take fresh air from outside but the exchange produce hot air that circulate inside the case before the fan inside pull the heat out!

...I am learning!
It's just logic my friend! Actually Cold air circulate through the rad as it's being pulled through it... right... but i doubt it would make the air get hot after it's been through the rad. The rad always gets cooled by the air which cool the water... so it never stays hot. Which means that the air that has been through the rad isn't that much hotter than when it entered the Rad at the other side (Outside of the case).

Is just that inside the case there is a lot of components that produce heat which make the ambient air in the case get pretty hot. Thats why a case require fans pulling cold air from outside the case and then exhausting it with fans pushing air out the case.

Oh and for the words on my set-up!

Now it's time for a
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