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My System Specs


I sometimes use 'and' to start a sentence in real life; perhaps a semi-colon would be more suitable in some cases. I understand there are other things that could be said such as 'In addition' and using and is sort of wrong. But bite me. :P

RE: double spacing/monospaced/whatever
for my IRC client I used to use OCR A Extended, but then I came across Nouveau IBM! When my notebook was running windows 7 I had switched all the system fonts over to OCR A Extended and it was awesome. However some things are not designed with monospaced fonts in mind so the occasional program was a little messed up. :(
I did not use Windows 8 for long with everything monospaced as it did not seem to work quite as well as in Win7 but I probably just missed some registry entry or something.

About double spacing, sometimes I do it sometimes not. In IRC I do not bother because things are rarely a huge wall of text. On forums it does not work, etc.
I do not do it on my cute little portable typewriter (Smith Corona Corsair) because I do not do any real writing on it; It is mostly used just for shopping lists because there is nothing much else I really put down on real paper that would be worth using a typewriter for.
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