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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Yes...they are more robust. Design features which are defacto standard for the Enterprise arena do trickle down to the consumer market....but these features are usually watered down. They also - as already stated - go through a LOT more quality control to ensure the DOAs are removed from the channel before they hit the IT dept. Only potential issue is TLER...and for data storage duties (ie non OS drive) its pretty much a minor, minor issue bordering on non-issue.
I just had 2 green drives drop out of a raid array because of the lack of TLER, they still pass a full diag, but it's a pain having to clear errors in a ZFS pool. I replaced them with 3tb red's, and the other drives went into a degraded status on me during the rebuild. this is the second time that's happened.

if your building any kind of raid, get a drive with TLER. I've swapped out 3 drives so far for that reason, 3 more to go
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