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Originally Posted by Squeetard View Post
RTS games are nothing more than rock paper scissors to me. I just don't get where the Strategy is? He's doing this, I counter with this. It's all pretty much set in stone. All players wind up with a successful system and just repeat it ad nauseum. Never saw the appeal, tried to like it but couldn't. Too much button mashing for my tastes too. There is a lot less smarts to this than people think.

I loved Company of Heroes though. To me it was actual strategy. You had to use terrain and fields of fire. Flanking and barricades, actual war tactics.

So chime in, what's the appeal to you?
I think some of the latest RTS can be a bit of a...drag because the scope and way they do things now is lost out on in How streamlined they had to make the games.
However if you look in depth at games like Sins of a Solar Empire, Endless Space, MOO, MOO2 X-Com there really isn't a pre-defined Rock Paper Scissors.

Sure, you can have and read some plans and strategy's that work and work well, but you cannot adhere to them alone or counter with one or another and win outright. Endless space if any other game has taught me that. Now RTS is broken down like such:

Games like SC2 and the like are tactical. The scope of what you do has no ripple. Manage your resources, prepare yourself as best you can and adapt to changing battlefield situations on the fly.
There is no great risk/reward to what you do other than quick and painful death or ultimate glory in a small predefided loop.
Endless space on the other hand has some tactical combat but a lot of deep strategic thinking involved in order to faciliatate what either can be a victory or defeat.
I cannot count the number of times I've been on the cusp in ES, only to have it shattered because my tactical thinking got in the way.

Perhaps the RTS genre has changed to a degree. I see it as two sides of the same coin for what games offer. It all depends on what you personally enjoy and if neither appeals than neither appeals.
If we all loved the same thing there would only ever need to be a few games at most.

My ramble at least anyways.

There are games that offer more depth. If you are willing to find them.


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