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Originally Posted by Squeetard View Post
I expressed my opinion as nice as I could. No need to be a dick about it.

I was quite good at CoH multiplayer. Again, I just found myself doing the exact same things on the same maps over and over again, against different opponents. If you find a strategy that works, why would you change it? Gets boring though.
You had it coming with the topic of this post. Very passive aggressive.

I play Starcraft mostly for RTS but play others every once in a while. Civ5 is a nice turn based strategy to play with friends. Command and Conquer now and then, but Starcraft has the highest skill ceiling and is best imo. You can be a complete noob and enjoy the game but there is tons of ways to improve how you play, it's not as easy as copying a build order and winning (besides lower leagues in SC2). Everything is quite balanced, and they're always tweaking so there is a counter for everything. It's not like rock, paper, scissors, it's more like real-time speed chess. You always have to think about what you opponent may be trying to do, or more importantly; what he can't be doing and exploit that.

FPS games are the same way, there may be guns that are "OP" that people start using after watching streamers, etc. People learn different 'strategies' on different maps. You have to think about where your opponents might be coming from - or not and exploit that. In fact pretty much any game is like that.

I'm not a fan of army only RTS games like COH and no building 3 buildings at the start of the match doesn't count.
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