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Originally Posted by muse108dc View Post
See thats the other issue. Obsessive micro. There is nothing strategic, or fun, about having to click 1000 times a minute to stay competitive. Its probably the main reason I cannot get into StarCraft multiplayer at all. Whats wrong with putting a unit build cue on repeat? Whats wrong with having patrols and units that can move and shoot? Hell, whats wrong with inexhaustible resources?

It's not about obsessive micro. It's about being able to micro your army at the same time as macroing. Not only that to patrol move units and not micro is skill-less and simply just not fun to play and especially not fun for the viewers.

Not sure what you mean by putting unit build cue on repeat but I am going to guess that it will auto build units for you repeatedly which also removes the multitasking skill from the game and thus makes for a skill-less match enabling the lesser player to have a similar chance.

What is wrong with inexhaustible resources is that it promotes turtling and thus makes for a lame, non action filled game. The need to expand and have map control is a vital part of making a game not draw out for 2+ hours.

Originally Posted by YoungMan View Post
Obsessive micro part is way overexaggerated and I highly doubt that's the reason you can't be competitive in SC2.

During my placement matches, I just attack moved my army into their base and won with 1 click. I did not pay attention to my army.
I won because I had a bigger and better army. I had a bigger army because I managed my resources better. I had a better army because I read my opponent's strategy.
You've been watching the filtersc2 tutorials haven't you? ;)
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