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Originally Posted by muse108dc View Post
See thats the other issue. Obsessive micro. There is nothing strategic, or fun, about having to click 1000 times a minute to stay competitive. Its probably the main reason I cannot get into StarCraft multiplayer at all. Whats wrong with putting a unit build cue on repeat? Whats wrong with having patrols and units that can move and shoot? Hell, whats wrong with inexhaustible resources?
Mirrors a lot of my own thoughts. The phenomenon of obsessive micro is pretty much what's dulled my own interest in RTS's. I figure it's a little like jazz - nothing kills the enjoyment more than taking it too seriously.

Although on the flip side, the most boring part of an RTS game is the end-game curbstomp - the point at which your victory is basically inevitable, but it takes time to go around and actually make it happen. And giant-scale games like Sins and GalCiv can be absolutely brutal for that.
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