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RTS isn't pure strategy. The genre was invented to sort of combat TBS (turn based strategy) by putting a clock on you. When people see RTS, they think "Oh! It's a strategy game, lots of strategy and time to think!" Nope.
Because it's not turn based, it opens up so many more possibilities. Such as fog of war and meta; I know he's going do that, so I'm going to to this. But I know he knows I know so I'll do this, etc.

A proper RTS (SC2) is far more than just strategy. It not only removes the randomness factor (FPS recoil/dice rolling), but it sets a skill gap that can't be crossed over. For example, an average player on CS could headshot a pro if conditions are favourable. But there's no way an average player will randomly take a game off a pro in SC2, ever. Much like actually sports, for an average dude to play Roger Federer, you'll NEVER take a point off him.

SC actually started with the RPS thing. It was Attack / Defend / Expand. Attack > expand > defend > attack. So people would start faking a defense and then attacking. Then people knew they knew, so they did this and then that, etc. etc. It evolved into something much greater.

Don't take Pabz0r545 too personally. Once they hit a certain rank they get conceited for a while until someone slams the hammer on them. (he apologized so he's cool now.)
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