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My System Specs


Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
I had to slim down my options as it was getting too rich for me. Illuminate mid plate, internal Aquaero, single rad/pump pump, and the reservoir.
Ya, the bill will be heavy on my end. Illuminate midplate, BD-RW, internal rad/pump mount, extrenal aquaero mount. A bit of saving grace is Charles and I could never get the Slight worked out on my other Murderbox because of manufacturing and timing issues, so he is sliding the cost off this order. Still gonna be heavy and I am still considering getting the reservoirs. Will see what happens.

Either way I look at it, this is everything I ever really wanted in a case and will be my last big build. Since AMD stopped being any sort of rival in the high end, Intel has begun its advancement crawl and feature peeling, so I find little interesting. Will most likely just slide my X79 stuff into this case and get new GPUs and call it a day, so the hardware bill will be smaller than expected.

Edit: They are offering the dual reservoirs, I dont see how you mount two? Any idea?

Edit 2: Doy, they say right on the option that they include a second FRH that attaches to the backplate.
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